Flower and gift delivery services

Calling a Turkish florist (Çiçekçilik) can be a challenge, but don’t worry, there is an app for that!

CicekSepeti is a service used by a lot of Turks, the name means “Flowers delivery”.

CicekSepeti is part of Lolaflora, an International flower and gifting delivery company.

The website is in Turkish, www.ciceksepeti.com but Google Chrome will translate everything and make it easy to understand.I tested the service and the delivery was really quick.

Prices are a bit more expensive than flower stores. (Çiçekçilik)

If you can’t find what you are looking for, there are other online flower delivery services like :

(Note that I haven’t try these 4 delivery services)

Do you prefer sending a gift?

Try BonnyFood, located beside Atakule.

They are partnered with CicekSepeti so you can get some of their gifts delivered through the service. 

They also have a store near Atakule that you can visit.

Click here to get the map

You can also order from hepsiburada!

You can find Valentine’s gifts online on hepsiburada the Online Turkish marketplace (Read my blog post about Hepsiburada here

They have a section of Valentine’s gifts 

If you prefer offering anything else, hepsiburada it is also the best place to go online to find a wide range of items that normally ship really quickly. 

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