Delivery service in Ankara

You need a specific vegetable for your recipe, you ran out of cleaning product or you are craving for ice cream and you don’t want to wait a few hours for Migros to deliver it?

Meet banabiMigros Hemen or getir, these new services deliver corner store items in a few minutes.

I just had the best example tonight of how amazing these services are! I was boiling Mantis for our family (read my article about this Turkish ravioli here) and I realized that I had garlic yogurt but no tomato sauce! 

(I know that I could be better at dinner planning… but let’s stay focused here… we are talking about delivery services!)  

I ordered it with my phone! By the time the manti were cooked, the sauce was here!  11 minutes! So much faster than going to the grocery store: it takes me 5 minutes to go down to get to my car in our parking…

You might have seen Banabi when you open the Yemeksepeti app on your phone.

On these services, you won’t find everything that you can order from MMMigros but there are a few essential products available and the delivery time is much shorter.

You can order Ice Cream, Frozen Foods, Fresh fruits & Vegetables, Baby Products, Household Cleaning Products, and Personal Care Products.

You can even see the delivery guy live on his motorcycle on the map in the app, like a Uber!

While Migros Sanal Market, (their regular app) is a virtual grocery store and asks you to choose a delivery time in the next few hours, these new services are really fast.

You order, then they prepare your basket and deliver right away (15 minutes).

The delivery fees are pretty low and it’s free for your first order. With Banabi, you can pay using your credit card at the door, With getir and Migros Hemen, you have to pay with your Garanti Bank card when you are placing the order.

If you are not rushed and want a full grocery, order from Migros Sanal Market or the other grocery apps.

Also, note that Banabi allows you to download a Fatura for your purchase on their mobile app!

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