Beypazarı, the best day trip from Ankara!

If you want to visit a typical Turkish town and discover a lot of traditions, food, and craftsmen, Beypazarı is a great destination. 

When you arrive, you are greeted by a giant Soda bottle, as it is also where they make the sparkling water branded by the city’s name. 

I brought each of our visitors that came to see us in Turkey to that village, and they always appreciated the visit!

Here’s a video that I made about Beypazarı!

Approximately 100 km west of Ankara, Beypazarı is a perfect day trip while you are in Ankara. 

Beypazarı means The Bey‘s market in Turkish, as in the Ottoman period this was an important military base and the cavalry stationed here was an important element of the local economy.

Beypazarı is famous for its carrots, the city produces nearly 60% of Turkey’s carrots. It’s also known for silverwork (Telkari), and a high quality natural mineral water.

In the bazaar on Alaadin street you can find carrot juice, carrot jam, carrot lokum (Turkish delight) and big bags of carrots for 2TL.

In Yaşayan Müze, the living museum, you can revive the life in the late Ottoman and young Republican eras. Discover traditional kids games and see how they make fabric and scarfs from scratch.

Stop in one of the restaurants on the bazaar street, Alaaddin Sokak, try a Gözleme or another local meal.

You MUST try the famous Beypazarı’s baklava with 80 layers of filo pastry. (A normal baklava has 40 layers)

To burn those calories, there is a great hiking trail near Beypazari, it is the Butterfly valley trail. 

The hiking is in İnözü Vadisi, click here for the map

This is a beautiful free and easy hike located a few minutes from the Beypazari village.

You can walk a few kilometers and come back. This is what we did. The whole hike is about 14 km.

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