Need a dentist? Try Dental Estetik Center!

Dental Estetik Center

I heard a crack when I was eating an Adana Dürüm the other day…

I could feel that my front tooth (that had a root canal treatment 20 years ago) had something wrong.

I reached out to Buse Över, the international patient coordinator at Dental Estetik Center and she quickly replied to my WhatApp message.

They gave me an appointment the next day to examine my front tooth.

I was really happy that they understood the urgency of the situation and offered to see me as soon as possible to look at my problem.

Dental Estetik Center has been offering dental treatment in Ankara for 26 years. They have a team of 6 dentists and each one has it’s own specialty. They offer a wide range of services from exam, cleaning (scale and polishing) to cosmetic dentistry.

I had receive good comments about Dental Estetik Center from other expats in Ankara.

When I arrived at the clinic, I was welcomed in English at the reception desk and the information forms that I had to fill up were also all in English. All staff was smiley and they made me feel welcome.

The international patient coordinator, Buse Över, followed me along with all the steps (x-rays, exam, etc) to ensure that I could easily communicate with each specialist and understand everything they were saying.

It was pretty useful, especially for more complicated questions and answers.

After 3D scans of my jaw, I learned that I needed a surgery because there was infection at the root of my tooth. The doctors acted quickly, I had the surgery the next day and they saved my tooth!

I had a really positive experience and I strongly recommend this Dentist Center to other expats living in Ankara.

They have a website in English, click here to browse it.

You can book an appointment directly with Buse Över, the international patient coordinator (+90 549 559 05 04 call/text/WhatsApp)

Buse told me that if you mention that you learned about the Dental Estetik Center on my blog, you will get detailed examination and x-rays for free! Just tell her that you learned about them on Patrick’s blog!

Dental Estetik Center is located near Karum Mall & the Sheraton Hotel Ankara. Parking wasn’t easy in the area so I would recommend getting there by cab.

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