It’s easy to call a Taxi in Ankara by using one of the Taxi buttons located pretty much everywhere! If you want to pay with a credit card though, be aware that taxis only take cash. (If you took a taxi that accepted credit cards please let me know, it never happened to me)

Because it’s 2019, you can also find a taxi easily with the app BiTaksi on Android or iPhone. The app works like pretty much like Uber and lets you see the taxis nearby.

Note that since May 2018 Uber is illegal in Turkey


You can add your foreigner credit card and pay directly with your phone.

It is available for Android and Iphone, it is in English and Turkish.

You can put your destination, and your pickup place. The driver can see the navigation right away so you don’t have to give directions.

It is possible to share trip info with someone for safety.

Online receipts are available as well, with a log of trips

The app does requires a data connection.


Traveling in Istanbul?

In Istanbul you can also use the app itaksi on Android or iPhone

Like BITaksi, you can add your credit card and pay directly on your phone.

Plus it let you choose the type of car that you want. Regular Taxi, high end Turquoise Taxis(a bit more expensive but cleaner), or Black car (the price is 2X)

If you want to plan your transportation in advance, you can also use ProGoTravel. You have to book in advance, it is a bit more expensive than taxi but you can get a HUGE van if you travel with a lot of luggage or you are a group.

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