Ankara light rail system

Do you know that Ankara has an extensive transportation system including a light rail system?

Ankaray Light Rail opened on 30 August 1996. It is operated by Ego, the public transportation company in Ankara.

There are 4 metro lines that run every day. Kızılay is the main switching point between lines.
The light rail is connected to the Teleferic (More information about this hidden gem of Ankara here)

There are 54 stations, here’s how it look over the map of Ankara.
 You can see that the light rail system doesn’t go to our neighborhood or near the embassy.

The closest stations are Necatibey on the blue line and Kizilay (the main switching point between lines).

The tickets used for buses and metros are the same, you can get an Ankakart (for 2.5TL) that can be recharged in the SmartBanko machines at the entrance of the stations.

The construction of a 5th line going to the airport is planned. 

For further details regarding prices, and routes you can visit:

You can also get the EGO app on your smartphone to get busses schedule and more information. There is a newer app called AnkaraKart that also works for schedule and line information.

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