Ankara’s Cable Car

The cable car system helps bring relief to Ankara’s traffic, but it also is a beautiful and cheap way of seeing the city

The cable car system is from Yenimahalle to Şentepe. Opened in 2014. It is part of the public transportation system and has a maximum capacity of 2400 people per hour.

The line starts from Yenimahalle metro station and provides transportation from the air all the way to Şentepe’s Center.

  • 106 cabins
  • 4 stops

A cabin enters the station every 15 seconds and travels the 3,25 km in less than 14 minutes.

It is mostly used to transport the people exiting the red metro line to Şentepe. 

If you simply want to take the ride, It’s easy to park at the top, near Şentepe’s station and do the round trip. It takes around 20-25 minutes and it is a good way to show Ankara to guest coming from abroad, before visiting other touristic sites in Ankara.

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