3 things to know about Traffic tickets

You get a discount if you pay quickly!

If you get caught speeding by a photoradar or a police officer, you’ll probably receive the ticket by mail.

The fine is 235 TL for going over the speed limit by up to 30%. 488 TL for exceeding the speed limit by above 30% and 1002 TL for exceeding the speed limit by more than 50%. Note that these fines are going up this year.

Pay quickly! 

If you pay your traffic fine within 15 days, you’ll get a 25% discount on your fine.

You can pay online here : https://www.epttavm.com/pttem/trafik_cezasi

Or on the Garanti Bank portal directly.

If the system doesn’t allow you to pay it online with your Canadian Credit Card, you can pay traffic fines by going to PTTs (Post offices).

Red lights

I often get honked at when I’m stopped at a red light if there is no car coming in other directions.
Be aware that a driver violating a red light can be fined 235 Turkish Liras.

You shouldn’t talk on your cellphone

Even if we always see people on their cellphones while driving… it’s illegal in Turkey. Talking on a cellphone while driving can be fined 235 TL.

Here’s a list of all traffic fines with the new prices.

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