Discount for Expats going back home

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Did you know that there’s a discount for Expats going back home with Turkish Airlines?

You can get 15% off your round trip tickets with an extra baggage allowance and free change of dates for the return trip to Turkey. 
This discount cannot be found online.

Be aware that the discount will not be 15% off the price that you see online, as the ticket that you are buying isn’t the same semi-flex that you can get on their website.

It’s a 15% discount on a more expensive ticket including a 3rd luggage and the possibility to change your return date for free.

This type of ticket is more expensive, so your ticket after the 15% rebate ends up being almost the same price than if you buy it online. 
(We saved only 200 TL on 3 round-trip tickets which is less than 2% of the total price, but we got the extra luggage and it was still cheaper than buying online.)

The big difference is that you get that 3rd luggage of 23 kg for free, and you can also change your return date for free. 

You have to buy your tickets at the Turkish Airline office on Ataturk Boulevard, in front of the German OR and Italian Embassy. You will have to present your Kimlik in order to get the discount.

The easiest way to proceed is to find your flight dates online and to visit the Turkish Airline office on Ataturk Boulevard to purchase your tickets.

Note that you cannot combine the discount for children aged 2-12 and this 15%.

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