Cardless Withdrawal

Copy of NO CARD NO PROBLEM (1).jpg

Banking in Turkey is really made for smartphone users!
Garanti Bank sends you an SMS when you order online for security, and the Garanti app on your phone enable you to do everything without really needing a computer.

Another great functionality of this app is that you can actually withdraw money ONLY WITH YOUR PHONE if you forgot your wallet at home!

It is even easier than inserting your card and having to type your PIN!
(I actually don’t use my card anymore!)


Open the Garanti Bank app on your smartphone and choose QR transaction


Then choose your account & the amount that you want to withdraw.
Enter your password (note that this is the password you use in the app on your phone, not your PIN)


Click on Withdraw Now, it will launch a QR code reader on your phone.


Locate the QR code on the screen of the GARANTI ATM in front of you.
(The code always displays at the bottom of the screen when the ATM is Idle)


Scan the QR code with your phone and VOILÀ!


Take the money coming out of the ATM!
Enjoy your cardless withdrawal!

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