Stop paying Yabancı prices for hotel rooms!

Etstur is a Turkish traveling agency that allows you to search & book hotels room or trips on resorts. 

Their app makes it easy to book a room on the go, although it is only in Turkish. After using it a few times, you will get used to the process and be able to book a room easily.

ETSTUR stands for Ets Ersoy Turistik Servisleri. It was founded in 1991 by Mehmet Ersoy and Murat Ersoy. This Istanbul based travel agency is also a tour operator. The company has hundreds of agents located in 48 cities in Turkey. They have offices in malls, a great website, and a mobile app. 

They offer domestic and international tour packages, hotel reservations, car rental etc. 
Etstur has about half of the traveling market in Turkey.

Prices are often lower than what you can find on, mostly because they are in TL and you need a Kimlik # to make a reservation. It means you are paying the same price than Turks, not a Yabanci price!

Effortless Fatura They provide a Fatura everytime you book a room using their website or mobile app. The FATURA is sent by email a few days after your stay.

You can pay by Credit Card or Bank Transfer. which means that you can pay directly from TransferWise (more info on TransferWise here).

Their website is in Turkish only so you must use Google Translate, but it’s well done and easy to navigate. 


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