Looking for Halloween costumes? Stop searching!


Are you looking for a Halloween costume? Stop searching, I found a great store in Ankara!

DIDEM’IN MASALI (The Tale of Didem) – Kostum Aksesuaris located in Çankaya on Cinnah Cd. 35/9


They have a large selection of costumes, from vampires to animals, pirates, characters like Harry Potter, princesses & even Game of Throne ones!
You can browse in their huge collection, all the costumes are for rent.


The owner, Şebnem Saatçiler, is a former philosophy teacher. She started her company five years ago, specializing in costumes. She speaks English!


They are made in her workshop with good quality fabric and I must admit they look much better than the “cheap made in China costumes” that you can get online or in some party stores.


She also has a lot of accessories for sale.

Prices are really affordable, it cost around 65-75 TL per day for an adult costume & a bit less for children costumes.

They are now located almost in front of the Canadian Embassy across the street on Cinnah street. 
The exact address is : Cinnah Cd. 35/9

Their new location on Cinnah is much bigger!

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