Looking for weekend trips around Ankara?


There are so many places to discover near Ankara and around Turkey!
We did a few trips by ourselves since we got here but sometimes doing trips with a bigger group can be an amazing experience and lead to new friendships.

This is among the reasons why Nadide Yılmaz started a travel agency a few years ago. Nadide fell in love with trekking, hiking, and traveling experiences. She was born in Turkey and grew up in Germany. After her University studies, she came back to live in Turkey.

You might recognize Nadide’s name as she often sends messages in groups of Expat living in Ankara on social media. Participants in her trips are locals & expats.

Her company, Kafta Tur organize trips day trips and weekend trips close to Ankara and further. Yedigöller, Adana, Amasra, Hattuşa, Safranbolu are some of her next destinations.

They also have a longer tour abroad planned in the next year to Australia,  New Zealand, Tasmania, Philipines & even Cuba!


The trips are really affordable and well planned according to what I’ve heard from participants.
Here’s a comment from a fellow expat that traveled with Nadide on a day trekking a few weeks ago :

Very well planned and everyone is well cared for. Nadide is a wonderful host/guide.

Families with children can join on most of the activities. Nadide told me that some hikes are a bit hard, but most of them are ok for children. There is normally an indication of how hard a hike is on their website in the trip’s details.

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