3 apps to do your grocery on your phone!


Migros Sanal Market

Migros grocery store has a virtual supermarket that is easy to use and allow you to get your grocery delivered at your door at your most convenient time.

There are 2 ways to access the Sanal Market:

If you are using the service for the first time, the easiest way is probably on a computer using Google Chrome because the Google Chrome internet browser will translate their website in English for you.

The app is simple but only available in Turkish.
You add items to your basket and then you choose where you want it delivered and how you want to pay (I always pay at the door with my Canadian credit card).
You also decide when you want to get your grocery and choose a time frame to get the delivery.

Macro-Center virtual supermarket app

Macrocenter is the high end of Migros stores and they offer more imported products.
Read my blog post about Turkish grocery stores here!

They recently launched an application based on the Migros Sanal Market app.
The new Macrocenter app is almost identical to the Migros Sanal market. Note that they don’t have a website for their virtual market, it is only an app.

The Macrocenter application is newer so it seems like fewer people are using it. I have used it in the past weeks and I could get my grocery delivered early in the day while most of the time, the Migros early time frames are full.

Get the Macrocenter apps for Android or iPhone here

Carrefour SA

Carrefour SA supermarkets also offer you to order online. You can use their website or their mobile app.
It works like Migros or MacroCenter, browse and choose the products, add your address and your Kimlik # and choose the time and your mode of payment. You can also pay at the door with your credit card.

There are 2 ways to access CarrefourSA online grocery:

  • Using their website https://www.carrefoursa.com/tr/
  • Using their Android or iPhone apps

Everything was easy when I ordered online with Carrefour…. until they called me 😲!

There were a few products missing that they couldn’t deliver…  I understood that something was missing (She said YOK!) Then she gave me a new total for my order… I have no clue what she asked after that 🙂 The end of the conversation was pretty awkward but I did receive my grocery with a few things missing!

Note that I order from Migros almost every week and they never called me, except once. I said “Tamam” a few times and received almost everything… except the thing that I guess he called me for… 🙂

Overall I’ve had really good experiences with online grocery and if you choose the option: “Don’t send an alternative product”  maybe they’ll never call you! 

Easy eFatura Once you have entered your name and your phone number you can enter your Kimlik information in your address in order to get the eFatura if you can claim your VAT.

In the Migros app you have to add a new address as a business
The important fields are your namesurname as it appears on your Kimlik and those 2 fields :

  • TCKN/VKN : (Your Kimlik number goes here)
  • Vergi Daire Adı : Kanada büyükelçiliği

Once you do this, all the e-Arşiv Fatura in your Migros online account will have this information written on it. Just print them when it’s time the fill up your VAT claim and voilà!

For the MacroCenter’s eFatura, keep the receipt they give you when they deliver your order, and go get your efatura here https://earsiv.migros.com.tr/

For CarrefourSA, they actually brought the eFatura to my door with my order!


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