STOP PAYING IN $ , £ or €


Online services prices are different in every country!

Unlike goods, software and online services prices can be changed easily to adapt to the purchasing power / average income of different countries. Several online services are cheaper in Turkey, a lot cheaper!

You live in Turkey, you have a residence permit and you have a Turkish bank account?
Try converting your services to pay in TL.

Netflix’s platinum plan, for example, is 39.99 TL here and 13.99$ in Canada.
With the current TL/$ rate, getting the Premium Netflix plan in TL is 5$ cheaper per month.

It’s the same thing with Spotify, Microsoft Office, Deezer, Steam, Apple Music and so on…
The monthly family plan for Apple music is 10$ cheaper when you pay in TL!

Those monthly services add up… so this can easily mean hundreds of $ of savings per year!

Some services will allow you to change the country more easily than other.

You might have to cancel your membership, then change the country and then get the plan you want in TL.
You can also create a second account without using a VPN (so the website knows you are in Turkey).
An easy trick if you are using Gmail is to add a “.” in your email for the new service!
Ex : can become (You will still be getting the emails directly!)


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