Great blogs about TURKEY in English


Slow Travel Guide is a blog oriented on appreciating the journey and profoundly experiencing your destination & local people.
It is not about visiting a number of attractions, but about traveling deeper.

It gives good suggestions for going out and about, off the beaten path, to discover new places.

Their blog posts are well written and you can tell they spent the researching and exploring every place they talk about.
They are doing the legwork, saving you time while inspiring you.

We are not passing by; we are not tourists, we are locals with inside knowledge and the time and resources to explore Turkey one slow step at a time.

Don’t expect to find tips on the best pirate boat excursion, karaoke place, or jeep safari. Just like you won’t find any selfies, Instagram poses or filters.
Expect to be inspired. Expect to see plenty of photos of places you didn’t know were there, and get ready to discover our take on the classical sites in Turkey.
Have a look at their Turkey travel map and click around. It is the perfect tool to prepare your excursions in Turkey.

1ac48002-848e-4e4d-9018-0227da62fe24.png was founded in early 2012 as a means for keeping expats living in Istanbul informed about events going on in the city.

Since then, with our talented team of contributors from both Turkey and abroad, has become one of the best English-language resources for finding out what’s going on in Istanbul. In our short time, we have expanded to include just some of the following features on our site:

  • Music and exhibition reviews

  • Travel literature

  • Advice on practical needs for foreigners

  • Travel, history and culture articles

  • Event updates

  • Maps pinpointing where and when events will be held

  • Competitions

  • Yabangee-sponsored events

  • Events calendar


Don’t get fooled by the look of this blog! The graphic design is a little old school (from the early days of the Internets) but the information you can find is priceless!

The site is divided into several sections to help foreigners understand Turkish culture and live a daily life in Ankara.

Made Easier Guides (MEG) will provide you with lots of useful information, insider tips and direct links to the main places in the main cities and traveling around Turkey.

Check out the “Where to find”, ‘Where to sleep’, ‘Where to eat’, ‘What to see’, ‘Where to buy’, ‘What not to miss’ and much more!

All information has been gathered with help of foreigners, locals, and expatriates living in Turkey that want to help each other. It has become a reference guide for newcomers. in the past years.


Turkish Travel Blog is a useful source of information for traveling destination in Turkey. It gives tips on great things to do outside of the usual touristic routes.

This blog is a little older so you might have to double check some information but it gives great ideas and tips and it has an interesting section about Turkish food.

Turkey travel blog was made by Natalie, a freelance travel blogger, and writer specializing in the country of Turkey.


Turkey Home is produced by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey.
You can find information about Turkey’s cultural and historical heritage, social and daily life, etc.
It promotes the country’s attractions & destinations.

The primary mission of Turkey Home is to promote Turkey with all its values under few global concepts such as “Home of Hospitality” and “Home of Civilizations”.


Julia & Barry went to Fethiye in 1998 and fell in love with that place. Now they are living there. They started this blog where you can find a lot of useful information about Fethiye and it’s surroundings.

Turkey’s For Life is mainly centered around their three loves : Fethiye, Turkish Food and Slow Travel.

Lots of recommendations for things to do in Fethiye and around the region.
Blog post on Turkish Food and Turkish recipes + Reviews of Fethiye restaurants, bars & hotels.


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