Get your car hand washed!



One of the services that you can find a lot in Ankara is “Oto Yikama”.
There are several ways to get your car washed.

At shopping centers

You give them your # and they send you an SMS when your car is ready.
Price is normally between 60-90 TL depending on the mall.
Panora AVM is the most expensive, they asked me 150 TL for inside and outside.There is normally a poster with prices, however, some places seem to go by the size/brand of your car to set the price 🙂

At Metro Grossmarket

This is my favorite! For 45 TL they clean the inside and outside of your car while you shop at Metro. It also takes about an hour. It is the cheapest option I found, they do a good job and I do my grocery at the same time!

In Oto Yıkama Kuaför garages

There is one in the entrance of Park Vadi : Tabanway Oto Yıkama
Another one is Class Oto (Where a lot of Canadians go to put their winter tires)
Expect to pay 60-80 TL for inside and outside of your car depending on the size of your car.

They do have a much more expensive option they call detailing. The inside of your car looks like new after this. They take everything out and clean it in detail.

At Gaz stations (PO, Opet, Shell, etc…)

This is an interesting option if you are traveling and you get in really dusty, muddy places (Like Cappadocia 😛 )
Self-service is 2 TL for water, 2-4 TL for soap. Automatic with brushes is between 1 and 10TL.

Note that if you don’t dry your car, the hard water will make your paint and your windows full of white/grey water spots.

Automatic brush carwashes with dryer solve this, they are normally around 10/12 TL.

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