Currency transfer


You have a few options to change your CAD$ to TL.
Here is some info I gathered about different services for currency Transfer.

Credit Card

You can pay with your Canadian credit card at most places.
Most cards add 2. 5 – 3% fees for currency transfer.
You can also find card that doesn’t add fees.
For example : Rogers’ Worldelite MasterCard
In situations where the currency rate change quickly, I noticed our credit cards often gives us the lower rates of the last 24h.
Note: Most Canadian credit cards won’t work for online transactions. 

Debit Card

Your debit card might work in some ATM depending of your bank.
The exchange rate and the fees are pretty close to what you pay with your credit card. I noticed they are a little quicker to update the rate in situation where the currency is changing a lot quickly. However they’re still giving you a rate mostly profitable for them.

Dövis (Currency exchange office)

Most of the time they give you a good rate, the difference is between 1 and 2% of the real time rate. When the currency rate changes quickly, It can even be better than the rate you get with your credit card on that day.
However, they normally don’t give a up to date rate for the Canadian dollars as much as they do for the American dollar or the euro.

Garanti Bank

If you have an account at Garanti Bank and you have Canadian money with you, this is probably where you will get the best rate.
However you have to go to the branch take a number and wait.
Note that you can also open an account in Canadian $ and deposit your Canadian money there.
Then you can change it by using their online services or their app as you need it. The conversion is instantly and their rates are good.


My favorite option is still Transferwise.
I already shared a blog post about it a few months ago.
Click here to read it.
When the currency rate changes quickly Transferwise gives you a really good rate, actually the real time rate you can find on or the Bank of Canada website.
Rates are updated in real time and they charge fixed fees for transaction.
About 12$ for a 1000$ transfer.
However the transaction takes a few days up to 5 days.
A way to prevent that delay is to put money into your Transferwise account and change it when you need it. In that scenario, it takes only a few hours to get the money into your Garanti Bank account, with the current exchange rate.
If you want to try this service for free, click here.
This link uses their referral program. You get 1 free transfer and I get a reward if I reefer 3 people. 

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