FOOD - Lahmacun (1)

Lahmacun is a typical Turkish food that you find in a lot of restaurants across the country.

Some refer at it as “Turkish pizza” but it has no cheese, no pepperoni and a thin crust… 🙂

This is the funniest menu translation I saw in Ankara 🙂

In other countries, it’s also called Armenian Pizza, Lebanese pizza or Syrian pizza.

The word “Lahmajoun” derives from Arabic it means “meat with dough”.
The topping is made of a mix of ground beef, peppers, onions, diced tomatos, garlic & tomato paste.

The normal version is spicy, if you don’t want it spicy ask for the acısız (“spicy not”) Lahmacum.

FUN FACT : Google translates the “acısız” word to “painless” and the opposite wich means spicy “acılı” to the word “painfull”!

Then you add fresh lettuce, parsley, tomato slices, and a generous squeeze of lemon juice.
You roll it like a crispy wrap and it’s ready to be tasted!

Lahmacun is often served with ayran (salted Turkish yogurt)

Lahmacun is very cheap and a delicious starter to discover Turkish cuisine!

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