Mogan Lake


Mogan Lake is located in Gölbaşı, 25 km south of Ankara. In 2004, they build a giant public recreation area around the lake.

It is within the intracity district of Gölbaşı. The length of the lake is about 11 km. The average depth of the lake (in wet season) is about 5 meters.



The lake is an alluvial set lake. During the rainy seasons, the level increases beyond a certain level and the water is fed to the nearby Lake Eymir about 3 kilometres north east.
During the flood in 1910, Lake Mogan and Lake Eymir temporarily merged. 

17657a23-0be3-463b-86b3-8a1c4baca32a.jpgThere is a lot of parking, the entrance on the park is under 10TL.
There are picnic areas, marina islands a running path / pedestrian road (no cars allowed on the path unlike Golu Lake), children playgrounds, etc6cc09576-3613-4c4b-bf42-3709fcd1ff31.jpg

Approximately 4 km of wooden platform to walk around and discover the lake.
You also find 3 tennis courts, 2 mini football fields and basketball fields.
There are also horse riding center, a sports center and the Mogan Lake Research Center.931c681a-6d2d-43ff-9778-a960b4aac7fb.jpg

The Mogan Park Observation Tower allow you to get a beautiful view of the area.
(As long as you’re in shape to climb the stairs!)58bc9400-2582-4416-a0a7-6134e8fde3d7.jpg95ca0dc5-0cf8-498b-9ccc-4ceef00f1535.jpg

We went with the kids on a Friday night to enjoy a walk around the lake. After climbing the tower we decided to go for dinner at Beykoz.

(Located a few minutes away from the park in Gölbaşı)

I was a perfect fancy dinner by the lake with great service and incredible food.

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