Altınpark is a park of 160 acres located in the Altındağ district of Ankara.

DSCF7507 (1).JPG

Before being transformed into a large park in 1985, this area was a golf course.


There is a large parking at the North-East entrance of the park (5  to 10 TL)


Altınpark is a great place to go for a walk & stop for a Kahvaltı (Turkish breakfast) with a Samovar (heated metal container used to heat water and tea with charcoal) .


If you go later in the day there are a lot of Dondurma stands (Turkish Ice cream).


Activities for kids :

  • Aviary to observe peacock, roosters and other nice birds (Free)
  • Large Smurf village with several smurfs houses (Free)
  • Go-kart tracks ( 12 years and older, 5 TL for one track turn, 12 TL for 3 track turns)
  • Cars for younger kids (6-12) 5 TL for 5 minutes
  • Trampolins (10 minutes for 5 TL)
  • Train ride around the park (5 TL)
  • Rollerblade arena (7 TL for half an hour – 12 TL for one hour)


Feza Gürsey Science Centre

In the heart of Altınpark you can find the Feza Gürsey Science Center, a science museum named after Feza Gürsey a renowned Turkish mathematician and physicist.

The center has 48 exhibits, most of which are interactive or live demonstrations.

We spent a few hours there with the kids, there are instruction in English on how to use the interactive exhibits.


  • Per adult 7 TL
  • Per kid 5 TL
  • Free for 6 yrs and –


The original exhibits were built by the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto Canada. (I am Canadian… 😛 )
In addition to the delivery and installation of the exhibits, the OSC sent a team of educators and hosts and spent a month in Ankara training their staff.

Altınpark is operated by ANFA, a subsidiary of Ankara metropolitan municipality. ANFA is also in charge of several other big parks in Ankara, like Dikmen and Gençlik parks.


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