Summer activities for kids in Ankara

SUMMER ACTIVIES (1)In Turkey public school have summer camps, they are called Yaz Okulu.

A lot of private school also offer summer programs, of course most of these activities are in turkish.

However a lot of them offers English immersion programs. It can be an option for a week or two.


I was told that Buyuk college, on Baglar, is a good option. It is in Turkish, but a fellow expat told me he sent his 8 years old there for a couple a weeks last summer. He enjoyed it. They have week sport activities like swimming, basketball, tennis, football etc. You can register on a weekly basis, it is affordable but limited English only.
You can see the schedule and information here :
No English version, so use Google translate

There is also a tennis camp in Mamak, which is just past Nata Vega. Another expat told me that her son did it a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Once again, she dropped him off in the morning and picked him up around 4.
You can see the schedule and information here :

No English version, so use Google translate

Another good school for sports summer program:

Other schools offering summer programs :

To find the activities in your area search for “Yaz Okulu” in Google and add the sport your kid likes (In turkish)

Fransekol Yabancı Dil, a French school in Ankara is offering summer camps in English and French this summer.
Swimming, sports, dance, drawing workshops, chess, and language classes are part of the activities offered.
The weekly summer camps will start on June 18th and is opened until the end of July. (Closed in August)

The prices for 1 kid are:
1 week : 800 TL
2 weeks : 1300 TL
3 weeks : 1600 TL

This include transport, meal, snack and all supplies

Not included : Swimsuit and swimming cap! 🙂

32545760_578368802537459_1689014585144639488_n (1)

The camp will be at TEDAŞ Gölbaşı Tesisleri Sport complex but you also have the option to drop your kid at Fransekol at 8 A.M. they will serve breakfest.

For more information :
Call +03124602612


logo32105136_10156419031109559_5641435613400924160_n.jpgFuture Stars (Gelecegin Yildizlari): Future Stars has been a leading camp organization for the youth in Turkey since 1989.
Future Stars provides opportunities for campers to enjoy various programs while developing their skills in sports, English language, arts and leadership, and their experience of different cultures.

They have different programs such as Alacati Windsurfing Camp, International Summer Camp, English in Action, International Basketball Camp.

Their 2018 programs can be found here.


summer school.JPG

International Mediterranean Academy located in Fethiye offer language camps combined with sports and other social activities.

Summer School
(Ages 9 -16)Minimum duration 2 weeks* Please click for the daily schedule of Summer School Programme
IM Academy Summer School Brochure
20 lessons/w
Summer School starts on 1st of June.

International Mediterranean Academy hosts and welcomes young people from all around the world. Summer School not only improves the English-language proficiency of young students, but also creates a pleasant summer holiday for students from different cultures.

During the Summer School session, students will improve their social skills, social responsibility, learn about ecology and increase environmental awareness, and improve leadership skills. Students will return home as self-confident, English-language experienced young people*.


  • Host Family or Campus Residence accommodation
  • 4hrs/day English Class from the native speaking English Teachers
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • All day language practice opportunity with the English speaking activity leaders
  • Course materials
  • All the off-campus activities mentioned in the programme
  • All the campus activities mentioned in the programme
  • Swimming pool
  • Football, basketball, volleyball courts
  • Table tennis, billiards and other table games
  • High-tech student launch; playing and resting areas
  • Movie Club
  • Free High-Speed Internet access all around the Campus
  • Dance shows, parties, etc.

For Detailed Information and Application

13502734_1024775284266037_7541201949168498284_o.jpgThere is also Camp Bradley, a Sports camp based in Istanbul that offered summer activities in the past. They haven’t announced their 2018 program on their website for now : 


There is a great option for 9 to 15 years old. The IZMIR space camp.

Check in: Sunday 1-4 pm
Check out: Saturday after 10:30 Graduation

The camp is in English. The Galactic Summer Camp is a 6 day program which includes educational and social activities. The Galactic Summer Camp program is taught in English and Turkish for native and non-native speaking participants.

It is every week from the end of june to the first week of august, 2 weeks are full already for the english camp, 1st of july and 5th of August.

More information here :

The site is in English!!! 🙂


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