The Turkish Amazon

You like to shop on Amazon? You will enjoy discovering its turkish equivalent HEPSIBURADA.
HEPSI (Everything) BURADA (Here) has been around since 1998 and is the most popular website for online shopping in Turkey. Like Amazon, it offers products from different sellers and most of the time you will pay less than in the shopping malls. Whether you are looking for tech, kitchen appliances, dishes, bags for your vacuum or a new electric toothbrush, you will probably find it for a lower price on Hepsiburada.

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There is a mobile app for your phone or tablet in Turkish only. Because there is no English version of the app, you will probably prefer to translate the website on Google Translate. I already ordered dozen of items. The trick is to find exactly what you want, and then search for the product name using HEPSIBURADA search engine. The shipping takes normally 1 or 2 days and is pretty affordable. I even had to return a product and the process was easy. Of course l needed Google translate… You can get a fatura with your purchase.

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