Handmade shoes or boots in Ankara

Everything from cowboy boots to formal dress shoes. Try Altın Çekiç Kundura.

unnamed (18)

The store and the owner are great. He doesn’t speak English so bring your phone and Google Translate!

unnamed (19)

You can get tailored shoes and boots by choosing from several models, then you choose the leather.

The prices were around 500 TL for shoes & 700 TL for boots in 2018.
100% leather, sole, inside, outside,

A colleague went to get a pair of custom boots. He really enjoyed the process. He had to choose every fabric, color, etc…

A few weeks ago he got the boots. Here’s what they looks like!

unnamed (17)

Here’s what he said about the boots and the process :

Note the inside of the boot as well as the sole that are also leather. On the sole, he glued and nailed a second real rubber sole that I chose (there are several choices of soles).
Note also, on the boot on the left, the pattern of the seam on the tongue, on the end of the boot and on the contour of the sole.
Again, it is the customer who chooses that. As is the color of the wires.
The little leather ring above the boot, I asked him to add it.
The owner told me that these are the most beautiful boots he has made.

I almost ordered a second pair right away!

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