The “Turkish Walmart”


In another post I shared information about the grocery stores in Ankara
(read the full article here). I would like to add a store to the list, Gimsa.

50f0de28-96e3-4d48-a167-a4302839e369 (1).jpg

Gimsa shopping experience is between a public market (Pazarı) and a Walmart. I went on a weekday, in the Yenimahalle’s neighborhood. (Get the map here)
That Gimsa is one of the biggest hypermarket / discount department store / grocery stores in town. Note that there are smaller Gimsa branches in Etimesgut and Sincan (in the western part of Ankara)


In term of size, selection and pricing it’s comparable to a Walmart Supercenter.
Turcs told me that the prices are cheap like discount stores (BIM, etc..) but the selection is much better.
There is a bakery, a butcher, cheese & bulk nuts sections and one of the largest selection of fruits & vegetables i’ve seen so far.
There’s even a bulk Lokoum section, like the ones you find @ Nişantaşı Pazarı

Going to Gimsa was an interesting trip. The vibe is different than Çankaya’s malls.

It is like going to the market, (Pazarı) but without the pressure of the sellers.
It must be crowded at night and on the weekend, so going on a weekday is probably a better idea.
I saw most of the product & brands that I find at Migros or Çağdaş, some were a little cheaper. The selection was also much wider. Fruits, vegetables, bread product & meat were cheaper too.

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