The history of Çankaya (11)The history of Çankaya started with the foundation of the Republic and modernization movement of Turkey. Back then, Çankaya was a hillside of orchards and gardens, surrounding the Ankara Castle.
In the 1920s, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk came to stay in one of the garden houses. The enthusiasm and support of the Ankara citizens towards national indecency movement and foundation of Republic changed Ankara‟s destiny.

Ankara was selected as capital of the new Republic and in the 1920s and the city quickly grew, especially in the direction of Çankaya.

Çankaya eventually developed into one of the largest central districts of Ankara.

This neighborhood is the central metropolitan district of the city and the district of Ankara Province.

• Daily population of Çankaya is more than 2 million
• Çankaya has 17 zones, 124 neighborhoods and 3 villages
• Çankaya includes more than 335 000 houses 55 000 offices
• There are 107 Embassies
• There are 103 primary schools, 47 high schools and 59 private schools in Çankaya
• There are also 4 state universities, 6 private universities and the National School of
• There are over 100 000 university students in Çankaya

The Presidential Palace, Turkish Grand National Assembly, Prime Ministry, Military Departments (Directory of the General Staff, Infantry Command, Air Force Command, Department of Navy and Gendarmerie Headquarters), ministries, public organizations and institutions, embassies, significant commercial, cultural and social centers are all located in Çankaya district.

For more information about Çankaya, visit:

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