Looking for a photo printing service?

Let’s be honest, if you don’t print your pictures, they’ll probably disappear when your hard drive dies in a few years. Furthermore, we don’t look at those picture folders in our computer very often. We take more photos than ever, but after being shared on social media… they don’t shine anymore…

This is why I decided to print some of my photos a few years ago. I was asked which services were available here in Turkey. Here are two services I used sosyopix.com and fotoev.com.

Fotoev is a good online service. They offer photo-books, single photos, canvas, poster and other formats.
Their approach is pretty traditional, like most of the services I used in Canada. Their online tool is ok, you can’t customize your book as much as other services like photobookcanada.com.

Have a look at fotoev.com


Sosyopix has a interesting approach. Different than the services I used before. You can order your pictures in different format, framed, canvas, magnets, posters and more.
You can also get Polaroid look pictures. I used the MİNİ KLASİK KARTLAR format, perfect for making your own postcard for family and friends!

Their website is sosyopix.com


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