How to help people in need in Ankara?

We sometimes see begging children in some areas of Ankara. While it’s hard to resist, children’s groups and aid workers almost universally think it is not a good idea to give them money. They say it actually locks them into the cycle of poverty they’re trapped in. This concept was difficult to explain to our kids, so we decided to take them to the Red Crescent Ankara to show how we can support organisms the most vulnerable.
Türk Kızılayı Derneği Ankara Şubesi located beside Ankara’s Citadel, serves meals to Altındağ’s residents since 1868.


Kızılay Ankara Şubesi Aşevi is located in Altındağ’s district, an area of Ankara, far from Çankaya’s nice parks and buildings. If your went to Ankara’s Citadel, you might have noticed the poor neighborhood where some houses are barely standing.

Every morning, they distribute 2 meals to thousands of people. They also visit selected areas to distribute clothing and food.

If your are looking for a place to give out used clothing or toys, they also accept these donations. You can bring you items to the Red Crescent donation boxes.

You can also donate online easily by clicking here. You can even donate a sheep (790 TL) or a ram (900 TL) that will feed lots of families!


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