Grocery in Ankara

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Migros Grocery stores are common in Ankara, it is is one of the biggest chains of supermarkets in Turkey.

Migros Jet are the small ones, MMMigros are bigger, 5M Migros are like Walmarts. The more M, the more services!

There are 4 locations of 5M Migros in Ankara. They have butcher, baker, fishmonger, electronics section, wine and beer section, textile products and even a coffee shop!

  • Bilkent Center mall in ÇANKAYA
  • Antares mall in KEÇİÖREN
  • Ankamall in YENİMAHALLE

However 5M does not always means that the selection of products is better…

My favorite Migros for for fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, … is the MMM Migros at 365 AVM!


In 2016, Migros bought Kipa, another great grocery store you can find in Ankara. There are Kipas at several malls : Armada, Atlantis, Forum Ankara Outlet, etc..

Kipa is pretty much like MMM / 5M Migros. The product selection is almost identical.


Macro-Center are the high end stores of Migros Turkey. You can find lots of imported items, and a varity of product that are not availiable in Migros, Cagasas and other grocery stores.

The prices for basics items are normally not higher than Migros, but the imported items are more pricey.

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There is a good cheese selection, you can find pork products (lots of types of bacon, sausage, procuito) and more gourmet products than other grocery store. More choice of coffee, cereal and lots of imported products.

There are a few Macro-Center in Ankara, in the Next Level mall, one near the Swan park Residence and my favorite in One Tower shopping mall.

Make sure you ask for your Fatura BEFORE they start scanning your items, otherwise it can be hard to get it.


Çağdaş is another Supermarket brand in Turkey. You probably know the one on Hosdere but it is quite small. My favorite is the new one on Simon Bolivar near Nişantaşı Pazarı flea market. It is actually in the old flea market building. The biggest Çağdaş  is located under the Kocatepe mosque.

Prices are normally lower than Migros and selection much better than the discount stores.

Another category of grocery stores are discount stores.

BIM, SOK and A101 offer less choice but I’m always impress how much I can get for 10 or 20 TL.

You find these store everywhere in Ankara, EVERYWHERE!

They are also EVERYWHERE in Turkey. Every little town in Turkey I visited or passed by during roadtrips had a BIM, A-101 or SOK discount store.

The selection is limited, but it’s cheap and it’s a perfect place to stop for snacks while on the road!

Carrefour supermarket are also found in Ankara and everywhere in Turkey. It is pretty similar to Migros & Kipa in terms of price & selection.

Like Migros, there are Carrefour Mini, medium size branches and their high end stores are Carrefour Gurmet. In the Gurmet branches you can find more imported products. There is a Carrefour Gurmet in Gordium mall.


Carrefour is an international chain of supermarkets from France. It is one of the largest hypermarket chains in the world with 12,300 self-service shops (including 1,528 hypermarkets) at the end of 2016. Carrefour operates in more than 30 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa.


Metro Grossmarket is similar to Costco. It is actually a German brand, that also carry the Makro supermarkets.

Metro is normally for businesses owners, you might get access to the store using your Embassy’s account. There is a good selection of products.


You can find 3 Metros in Ankara. You probably know the one by Nata Vega Mall in Mamak, There is one at the other end of Ankara on the west side in the Fatih neighborhood, near Wonderland amusement park; and one in Etlik.

The bigger one is the one located in Etlik. It has 2 levels, and a wide selection of products, electronic, clothing, etc.. GET THE MAP HERE

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