Dry cleaner pickup and delivery

a52ec3f2-971a-40c5-b4ee-f68b73590e1cYou need a dry cleaning service delivered to your home?  In Turkish it is called ‘Kuru Temizleme’.There are a few places that offert this service in Ankara but language can often be an issue.
Good news, once again, there’s an App for that. I tried a few apps and the best one I found is Networkdry.


They have a websiteIphone and Android apps.
Using the website with Google Translate makes it easier to understand for your first order.
They offer pickup, cleaning in 24 hours, and delivery of your items.Here are 2 tips I would like to share:
  • I couldn’t find Güzeltepe Mahallesi in the neighborhood section so I used Aziziye Mah (wich is really close) and It worked fine, they had no problem finding our place.




  • They call you to confirm the request & offer you a deal (Indirim) if you get more items cleaned, of course they’ll speak Turkish.There is a “Özel Notunuz” section when you place an order. Use it to specify that you don’t speak Turkish.
    I’ve translated on Google : Please do not call. I don’t speak Turkish. Please send SMS message to my phone.
    “Lütfen arama. Ben Türkçe bilmem. Lütfen telefonuma SMS mesajı gönderin.”
    It worked, they sended SMS, it was easier to communicate using text messages & the Google translate App.


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