Do you know City Gross?


I wrote about Gimsa stores. A shopping experience that I qualified as beeing between a public market (Pazarı) and a Walmart. If you prefer more quiet stores, I suggest trying City Gross.


I would say it is somewhere between Metro Gross Market and Migros but with a wider selection. Prices are cheaper than Migros & Metro and it doesn’t have that warehouse look of Metro Grossmarket. I love finding a store full of Turkish products that I don’t know, this was the case. The food section is really interesting + they have a nice fruits & vegetable section. They sell alcool.
They have more choice of cheeses than most places and they offer a lot of bulk products.

Unlike Metro, you don’t have to buy big packages.
Also, you don’t need a membership to buy there.

The experience was more pleasant than Gimsa; it was less crowded, a lot nicer and they offered me to provide a fatura (before I ask!!). It is not an eFatura so even if there’s handwriting on it it won’t be voided… (Like Metro)

City Gross is about 15-20 minutes from Park Vadi.
It is located on Macun Mahallesi in Yenimahalle get the map here.

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