Ankara’s Güven Hospital

IMG_20180221_110550One of our children badly bumped his chin and he clearly needed stitches. So it was our first visit to Güven Hospital.

The hospital is located in a busy neighborhood where parking is hard to find, but don’t worry, they provide valet service for your car for 15 TL.  It looks like a hotel, and they have a Starbucks… of course it is a private hospital.

The Turkish health system has both private and public hospitals.

They quickly found a translator and our son could see a doctor within a few minutes. The service was really good, and I wanted to share the experience with this community.


Ankara Güven Hospital was established in 1974. Starting as a small-scale hospital, The Güven Hospital is now a large general hospital extending over an area of 40,000 square meters with more than 250 patients beds and 10 operating suites. It has an experienced team of medical staff, nurses, and allied healthcare personnel.

Other Hospitals in our neighborhood offering services in English

You can find a list of the hospitals in Ankara HERE. (Note that Özel Hastaneler means private hospital)


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