Sell & buy used goods online in Turkey

I shared informations about LetGo, an american website popular in Turkey to sell & buy used goods. There is another platform that is actually turkish : . The service was launch in 2000 and it quickly became one of the most popular second hand items web site.
Its headquarters are in Istanbul. is currently owned by Aksoy Group.
It is the 9th most popular web site in Turkey, after Google Facebook and News Website like sabahhaber7 and ensonhaber according to Alexa ranking.

The website or the Apps on Iphone & Android are easy to use. A big difference with LetGo is that you can buy & sell items not only in Ankara but everywhere in Turkey. There are different ways to pay and the reliability of the service made his good reputation.
It is easier to sell on than on LetGo because there are more user & you can sell anywhere in Turkey.

There is also a Facebook group called : Expat ANKARA: BUY & SELL (USED GOODS) where you can sell & buy locally, but you have to browse in the postings, there’s no search engine.


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