Natural Christmas trees in Ankara

eded670e-baf8-4583-a872-712fc721e7c7They started selling artificial trees and lots of decoration in a few stores, but if you are looking for a natural christmas tree, it can be a little harder.
I went hunting for Christmas trees this week, here are tips to help you find one!There are two types of trees that resemble Western Christmas trees:
Batı Ladin (Western Spruce) and Mavi Ladin (blue spruce)
The blue spruce can be much more expensive for taller trees. But I found small ones for 100 TL.

74ba77da-9baa-40cf-ab09-0c77e434012c (1)

Everywhere I went, the trees were not marketed as Christmas trees. When you ask for Christmas tree (Noel ağacı), most places knew what I meant and showed me these 2 types of tree. They were sold alive, potted in a planter.

The peyzajcı (landscaper) tend to have them available.

I found them in 2 areas : Yenimahalle and Gölbaşı
On Anadolu Bulvari. the store Tek Mavi Çiçekçilik showed me the cheapest options. One of the clerk helped me in english.




150 TL for these (around 4 feet)

+ 80 TL for delivery in Çankaya





400 TL for those bigger ones (around 8 feet)

+80 TL for delivery in Çankaya


If you want a bigger choice, go in the Gölbaşı area.

I went to Lobelya Peyzaj, the place is a lot bigger, they had more choices most of the big trees were more expensive.




650 TL for these ones (6-8 feet)

+ Transportation




100 TL for small 2-3 foot ones

+ Transportation




Lobelya Peyzaj

There are a few other places, along those 2 roads Incek & Anadolu Bulvari.

They say it can last for a year in the pot, if you put it outside during winter, they told me to protect them with a tarp. Other expath told me they used it last Christmas, then left it outside their apartment building in its pot all year, watering it in the dry months. Then, they brought it back inside this year and decorated it.

Looking for decoration and ornements? Lot of stores have them.



Metro has a good selection of lights and common ornements.
Koçtaş as well, at very reasonable prices.





For fancier decorations, try

Tepe Home @ Armada AVM




Also Vakko, Mudo Concept or take a walk around Nata Vega.


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