Looking for a dinning experience?

Try the Rabbit Hole 

They are a supper club and serve their food in their house.

You need to make a reservation to experience their food. Here are the menus with prices.


You have to choose the menu & your wine.
Everyone eats the same menu on the evening. They can prepare vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free options.
You may either choose from the wine list or bring your own wine.
If you choose to bring your own wine, they have a corkage fee of 20 TL per bottle.
They can give you suggestions for wine pairings with the menu of your choice.
The dinner starts at 20:00. They have a table for 8 (or tight 9) and everyone dine at this table. They need a minimum of 4 people to serve.
Whoever books first gets to choose the menu.


The Rabbit Hole is not a conventional restaurant. We do not stock food, and we only do food shopping on the serving day. For this reason, last minute cancellations and no turn ups are a problem for us. To avoid this, we kindly ask from our guests to pay the half of the bill in advance. If you cancel your reservation 4 days prior, we return the amount you paid in advance.
If you have any questions regarding the menus and any other matter, please do contact us.
You may contact us via telephone as well:
Mehmet Ali Börtücene: 0 532 5235199


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