Visit / Visitez Çanakkale

A few hints from the Australian CLO if you plan to visit Çanakkale
Click here to know here to find the best places to eat?

There are two malls which has only been around for a few years – 17Burda and Troy Park. I wouldn’t say either are anything special. If you are after a Turkish made piece of garment, Ipekyol (translated as Silk Road) is a good Turkish brand with well made pieces, and located at Burda17. Mado café and OT café (info above) is also at 17Burda. If you have kids, 17Burda usually have either a rock climbing wall, trampoline or ice skating rink (which is actually plastic, not ice, flooring). Troy Park has an indoor play gym for times when weather doesn’t permit outdoor play.

Canakkale are known for their fresh produce, and green-house farming method. If you want organic, look for the smaller and irregular shaped varieties. Or lady birds and critters are a sure sign too.

Çimenlik Castle or Fortress (also known as Kale-i Sultaniye) and Naval Museum (Deniz Muzesi |Over 500 years old, it was built by Sultan Mehmet II, along with Kilitbahir Fortress to defend Constantinople and the Ottoman empire and control movements through the Dardenelles water. Located not far from the Ferry port and Clock Tower. No English but good to have a look. | Fevzipaşa Mahallesi, Çimenlik Sokak (on the waterfront, just west of ferry harbour) |


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