Visit Eymir Lake / Visitez le Lac Eymir

5132aac4-4c64-41c7-84c9-fbe3a96f0792Lake Eymir is a small lake named after a Turkmen tribe named Eymür.[1] It is one of the rare REAL lake in Ankara, located at only 15 minutes from Park Vadi.


Lake Eymir is a protected area. It belongs to the Ortadoğu Teknik Universitesi ODTÜ and is a nice place to observe wildlife.

There is a path around the lake and you can rent bicycles on site.


Along the route there are restaurants and stands where you can find food and snacks.

The lake has two entrances with free parking : one on the east and the other on the west side.

a8fa8d35-3db3-409a-8e9e-b458ca2a2812Cars are not allowed inside the lake area in order to limit the pollution and the occurrence of traffic accidents. However there is a free shuttle bus going around the lake.

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